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Mustad Hooks

Mustad Hooks

These are the finest Mustad hooks to use in making your own professional grade rigs.

Priced per pack.

TG90 7/0 Heavy Duty Black Nickel Treble 5Pk  $12.99.  Great stinger Hook For Cow Tuna Rigs. 

Available in Style 9175 Short Shank: Sizes 7/0 for Mini Yummee Flying Fish, and 9/0 for the larger flying fish on Tuna Under 100#.

Available in Style 7766: Size 8/0. Great Hook For Ballyhoo Rigs Or Rigging Lures.

7691 10/0  Heaviest Duty Welded Eye J Hook for Use on Cow Tuna Rigs Or Marlin Rigs $32.99 pk

7692 10/0   Heavy Duty Welded Eye J Hook For Use On Cow Tuna Rigs, Horse Ballyhoo Rigs Or Marlin Rigs(Slightly Lighter Hook than 7691) $29.99 pk

7692 9/0 Heavy Duty Welded Eye J Hook great for ballyhoo rigs $25.99 pk