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Sea Rage Chain

Sea Rage Chain

Sea Rage Daisy Chains have a pulsating action of (4) 4 inch silicone rubber skirts being chased by a 7 inch silicone skirted Sea Rage lure. Rigged with a swimming ballyhoo rig it will draw in Tuna, Dolphin and Billfish. An added benefit is that Carolina silicone skirts never melt and always maintain their original color making them the most durable skirts. Sea Rage chains come in two versions: 

The original model has the lures rigged inline to run just below the surface. 

The skittering chain has the 4 inch Sea Rage Jr lures rigged on droppers to jump like scared bait fish

Using either of these catches Yellowfin Tuna and Dolphin. Rigged on 200# test line with an 8/0 hook, a chin weight and a bait rigging spring. 

Fishing Tips: When there are a lot of scattered weeds use the skittering Sea Rage Daisy Chain.