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First and foremost, we are fishermen (and women) who love our sport and all it entails. However, our sport is rich in traditions and skills that do not come easily. If WE do not take the time to pass on ways for YOU to be successful, our sport will be in trouble. As such, this page is dedicated to teaching you how to make your own fishing lures, rig them, and perform basic fishing skills that will help you to enjoy your trips and be successful on the water. 

It is our passion here at Carolina Lures to build the world's best fishing lures. It is also our passion to encourage you to find joy in making your own lures. If you've read my "Million Dollar Lure Story," you know my heart behind our desire to encourage you to make your own lures and how exhilarating it is to be successful with your own lures.

This is the page where you can watch simple, step-by-step instructional videos.  Making your own lures and learning basic fishing skills is fun and easy when you follow our tips and techniques that took us years to learn. Also, you can purchase lure making supplies on this page.  We have made this site so you can easily learn how to make your own fishing lures. It is an honor to teach you fishing lure making tricks and keep the rich traditions of our sport alive and well.  Check back soon and we will have links to our "Learning how to make your own fishing lures" instructional videos posted on this page!