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We believe every fisherman should learn and master a few basic skills. One of these skills is making your own rigs.  At Carolina Lures, we have always taken pride in the rigs we fish as well as the rigs we sell. 

First and foremost, we are fishermen (and women) who love our sport and all it entails. However, our sport is rich in traditions and skills that do not come easily. If WE do not take the time to pass on ways for YOU to be successful, our sport will be in trouble. As such, this page is dedicated to teaching you how to make your own fishing lures, rig them, and perform basic fishing skills that will help you to enjoy your trips and be successful on the water. 

With decades of experience and knowledge in the fishing business, we have learned many skills from experienced captains and mates and it is our desire to keep these rich traditions alive by teaching you to make your own rigs.

Check back soon, as this is where we will post the links to our short instructional videos.  

You can learn how to make your own rigs and save money!


Make A Swimming Mono Ballyhoo Rig

Make A Swimming Wire Ballyhoo Rig

Make A Wahoo Proof Hook Loop Mono Ballyhoo Rig 

Make A Skipping Ballyhoo Rig

Make A Circle Hook Ballyhoo Rig

Make A Carolina Slip Sinker Rig

Make A Pompano Jig & Sand Flea Double Rig

Make A Yummee Flying Fish Standard Rig

Make a Yummee Flying Fish Cow Tuna Rig

Make A Mini Yummee Flying Fish Rig

Make a Mini Yummee Flying Fish Daisy Chain

Make A Mini Yummee Flying Fish Ultimate Ballyhoo Rig

Make A Delta Wing Flyer Daisy Chain

Make a Yummee Flying Fish Daisy Chain

Make a Kingfish Live Bait Rig

Make a Kingfish W Duster Live Bait Rig

Make a King Digger Cigar Minnow Rig

Make a Ribbonfish Rig