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Chinees Bait Rigging Weights- Prices starting at $5.99

Chinees Bait Rigging Weights- Prices starting at $5.99

Chinees bait rigging lures enhance appearance the swimming action of ballyhoo and other natural baits Chinees. They are easy to use for rigging.

Effective with both "J" hook and circle hooks, these weights are excellent for trolling rigs of all styles. Useful in Sailfish rigs, Dolphin rigs, and Marlin rigs. Chin-ees excel when you use them to rig Ballyhoo, Goggle eyes, Cabalito blue runners, Ribbonfish and more.

 Chin-ees are the hottest thing going for circle hook rigging Cabalito for Pacific Sailfish in places such as Zihuatanejo and all along the Mexican coast. 

How to: Use the 1/2 ounce for rigging small baits like Ballyhoo, Cabalito, and Goggle eyes. Use the 3 ounce to rig Spanish Mackerel, and the 8 ounce for rigging larger Mackerel, small Tuna and Dolphin (Mahi-Mahi).

1/2 oz -2 pack

3 oz-1 pack

8 oz- 1 pack