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Original Yummee Flying Fish-9 inch Flying Fish Fishing Lure-MADE IN USA!

Original Yummee Flying Fish-9 inch Flying Fish Fishing Lure-MADE IN USA!

Many fishermen call this Lure "The World's Greatest Tuna Lure." Yummee Fly'n Fish are so good they've changed the way people fish for Tuna. The Yummee is the ORIGINAL, Made in the USA, revolutionary, soft plastic flying fish! Tuna are genetically programmed to instinctively chase and eat flying fish. Our Original Yummee is a legendary lure known for catching 200-300 pound "Cow" Yellowfin Tuna when all other lures and often even live baits fail. This Yummee also catches Giant Bluefin, Bigeye, and Blackfin tuna as well as Billfish, Mahi Mahi and Wahoo! 

New Rigging Option! Yummee Flying Fish are now available rigged with custom designed 3 oz chin weight to assist in high speed kite trolling. Using the chin weight is not required to make the lure catch fish but it helps tune the bait to land more nose down in windy or highest speed trolling.

Congratulations to Team Reel Quest who won the record jackpot using Yummee Fly'N Fish in the Western Outdoors Cabo Tuna Tournament.  

NEW! NOW AVAILABLE COW TUNA RIGGED-This is the custom rig made famous by those targeting 200 plus pound Yellowfin Tuna, Big Eye Tuna and Bluefin Tuna. This rig features super strong welded eye J hook and a super strong treble stinger rigged to catch those short strikers. Use this rig only when specifically targeting the largest Tuna! NOTE:  ALL OTHER RIGS COME ONLY WITH A SINGLE J HOOK.

New! Available with heavy duty single 10/0 welded eye J hook. Use this hook for big Tuna. 

This dead ringer for the real thing skips and splashes along the surface like a real flying fish. The Lure provokes spectacular surface strikes. The top water action brings excitement few lures can match as huge Yellowfin and Giant Bluefin Tuna explode upon the lure on the water’s surface or in mid air. The Yummee Fly'N Fish is legendary worldwide.

Learn how to rig the 9 inch Yummee! Click here for the video!

Our Yummee Fly’n Fish is the world’s single and best kite and helium balloon fishing lure because it was designed specifically with these applications in mind. The dynamic action of this lure makes it a terrific Dolphin (Mahi-Mahi) lure as well as a great Sailfish and Marlin teaser. The 9 inch Yummee can be rigged with or without hooks as a single lure or in chains or spreader bars. It is also a superb lure for use in casting to breaking Tuna and other fish. Our Yummees are made to precise USA quality standards. Yummees feature durable, yet soft plastic which gives our fish a natural yummy feel so the fish hang on to the lure longer.

Proudly Made in the USA!

WARNING:  This product is not intended for use by children under 14 years of age.


1.  When Tuna are boat shy, rig one or two of these Yummee Fly'n Fish under a kite. This will help you two ways- First of all unlike traditional trolling lures which must be pulled behind the boat, a Yummee Fly'n Fish under a kite can be fished down wind off to the side of the boat which will not scare spooky fish. Using the kite also keeps your line and leader out of the water where it is less visible to Tuna which are legendary for their perfect eyes sight. 

2. When Fishing the lure from a rod tip or outrigger without a kite, place Yummee Fly'n Fish on the front side of the boats stern wave so that it rides skipping along the front side of the wave. Then run one Yummee Fly'n Fish way, way, waaaaaay back off your bridge rod-this bait will often pull through waves and spring forward in the air. Both lure positions are deadly on all Tuna and pelagic fish. Also pull at least one Swim'n Flying Fish off a planer or long rigger so that it mimics a flying fish that has not yet taken flight.

3. Add in a few Yummee Fly'n Fish of various sizes and some Daisy Chains into your trolling spread so that you have enough commotion behind your boat to provoke  even lethargic fish into striking.

4. When fighting other fish, leave a Yummee Fly'N Fish rigged in the water near the boat. This will also cause fish to strike. They look very realistic even at slow speeds. 

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