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Hydro Jig Heads-MADE IN USA!

Hydro Jig Heads-MADE IN USA!

Carolina Lures Hydro Jig Heads are like small planers to carry your bait deep into the strike zone with less weight. This characteristic makes them perfect for fishing in swift currents and/or deep water. These are great jigs to use for Snook, Striped Bass, and Flounder. Hydro Jigs are also popular fishing lures for King Mackerel. You can easily rig dead baits like Cigar Minnows and Ribbonfish for trolling. A unique feature of these jigs is that when worked with a fast retrieve they tend to flip tail over head when encountering obstacles instead of becoming snagged. 

1 ounce and ½ ounce available in a 4 pack.

¼ and 1/8 ounce are available in a 6 pack.