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Mylar Busters 2pk Trolling Lures

Mylar Busters 2pk Trolling Lures

Mylar Buster Lures feature the finest heavy duty Mylar skirts and streamlined lure heads with holographic lens eyes. These lures catch Dolphin, Tuna, Wahoo, King Mackerel, Sailfish and more! These Mylar Buster Lures can be used with or without natural baits.

Mylar Buster Lures are tied with soft stainless wire for maximum lure durability.

Available 1 pk Ballyhoo Rigged or Regular Rigged for fishing without Ballyhoo.

All Unrigged Mylar Busters are available in 2 Pk 

All Rigged Mylar Busters are Available in 1 Pk

Mylar Busters come in 1/2 OZ and 1 OZ.

Color denotes skirt color.

Fishing Tip:  Always have a small lure or two in the water when trolling offshore. Big fish will often pass up larger lures and inhale the smaller one.