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Octo Clone

Octo Clone

Octo Clones are fantastic lures for Tuna, Dolphin, Wahoo, etc. They feature Octopus style skirts with internal heads and an inner flash skirt. This lure works well when fished with or without ballyhoo or strips baits. These are also great rigged as daisy chains, on spreader bars and or dredges. They come in 2 sizes a 4.5 inch and a 6.5 inch. Available in Unrigged 1 Pk, Regular Rigged for fishing without bait and with a Swimming Ballyhoo Rig. 

Fishing Tips: 1. When small Dolphin-Mahi Mahi are around, choose the 4.5 inch Octo Clone and as an added enticement add a small strip bait and you should have non stop action on dolphin of all sizes. 

2. These make great chase lures when rigged behind our 7 inch Inline Flying Fish bird.