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Super Yummee Flying Fish Chain

Super Yummee Flying Fish Chain

NEW!! These chains are a must have for the serious offshore angler because they are great for Tuna, Dolphin and all Billfish. Super Yummee Daisy Chains feature the 8 inch Super Yummee Flying Fish rigged inline to simulate a school of flying fish. The Super Yummees realistic four wings provide superb surface action that draws large gamefish like a magnet while the single piece body is durable and pliable. Line bores through the entire length of the body keep the chain running properly inline. Chains are available with hooks in the last lure or hook-less to be used as teasers. They are also available rigged hook-less with a snap swivel to allow quick attachment of your favorite chase lure and leader. Chains are available in 3, 4 or 5 lures per chain.  3 fish chains retail for $49.99, the 4 fish chain for $65.99 and the 5 fish chain for $79.99. Hook Options include regular 9175 9/0 J Hook or Heavy J Hook to handle the largest Gamefish. Rigged on 200# Mono.  Proudly Made In The USA!

Fishing Tips: 1. Use these chains with hooks when targeting Tuna and Large Dolphin-Mahi Mahi. You can pull them both close to the boat and or further back on the wake. 

2. When fishing for Marlin and Sailfish use these hook-less teasers, and make sure you have rigged baits trolling close to the teaser so they eat them as soon as they rise to the teaser. Another method is to have a rigged natural bait ready to present to any Billfish that appears at the teaser. Have both small and large baits ready to pitch at anytime. If a large Marlin shows up pitch it the large bait on heavier tackle. If a small fish appears, pitch it the smaller bait on lighter tackle. This is a very effective and sporting way to catch Billfish.  

3. When Kite fishing for Tuna with Yummees Keep these chains close to your boat and it can help you raise more fish.

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